Illustrated by Andrew Mar
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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Limited formats will generally involve the same common gameplay effects which show up again and again. Use this guide to find out what common effects are in - and not in! - this format.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Mechanics/Themes

Board Wipes
Effects that can kill all creatures on the battlefield.
There are two very conditional and unusual board wipes.
Meteor Swarm is included here because it often acts like a one-sided wrath.
Effects that return cards to their owners hand.
Only a couple instances of bounce, but Air-Cult Elemental is a top common.
Effects that can counter your spells.
Almost no counterspells, but Bar the Gate is the only instant-speed Venture available.
Effects that can force you discard cards from your hand.
Effects that destroy artifacts or enchantments.
Effects that make it so multiple creatures temporarily cannot block.
Only one conditional falter.
Effects that prevent combat damage for multiple or all creatures.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Mass Pump
Effects that pump all of a player's creatures.
Effects that can kill creatures with 1 toughness.
While only a couple ping effects exist, Shambling Ghast can be nasty, and Magic Missile can be considered a ping effect with upside.
Effects that can mill your opponent's deck.
Mind Control
Effects that steal your permanents, permanently.
One d20-dependent temporary Mind Control, but watch out for Mind Flayer.
Effects that steal your creatures temporarily and grant them haste.
A single threaten effect.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Mechanics/Themes