Illustrated by Nils Hamm
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Board Wipes
Effects that can kill all creatures on the battlefield.
Effects that return cards to their owners hand.
Not a ton of bounce, but it's still available.
Effects that can counter your spells.
Not a ton of viable counterspells, but Disdainful Stroke is decent!
Effects that can force you discard cards from your hand.
Effects that destroy artifacts or enchantments.
Effects that make it so multiple creatures temporarily cannot block.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Effects that prevent combat damage for multiple or all creatures.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Mass Pump
Effects that pump all of a player's creatures.
Effects that can kill creatures with 1 toughness.
Suprisingly not a ton of ping effects, meaning X/1s are relatively safe.
Effects that can mill your opponent's deck.
Almost no support for mill strategies.
Mind Control
Effects that steal your permanents, permanently.
One exchange-based mind control saga to watch out for.
Effects that steal your creatures temporarily and grant them haste.
Only a single threaten effect exists!

Kaldheim Mechanics/Themes

Theme: Second Spell