Illustrated by Campbell White
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Board Wipes
Effects that can kill all creatures on the battlefield.
Only one unconditional board wipe, but watch out for the small creature wipes.
Effects that return cards to their owners hand.
Effects that can counter your spells.
Watch out for the Mirrorshell Crab, which can be a counterspell for its Channel cost.
Effects that can force you discard cards from your hand.
Effects that destroy artifacts or enchantments.
Effects that make it so multiple creatures temporarily cannot block.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Effects that prevent combat damage for multiple or all creatures.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Mass Pump
Effects that pump all of a player's creatures.
Only really one Trumpet Blast is available with Ambitious Assault, but it can cantrip!
Effects that can kill creatures with 1 toughness.
Mind Control
Effects that steal your permanents, permanently.
One very powerful mind control spell with Invoke the Winds, beware.
Effects that steal your creatures temporarily and grant them haste.
Only one real threaten effect on a saga.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Mechanics/Themes

Mechanic: Double Faced Sagas
Mechanic: Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu is an activated ability; if a creature is unblocked, you can pay the ninjutsu cost to return that creature to your hand and replace with the Ninjutsu card.
Most Ninjutsu cards have an effect after dealing damage to an opponent, so watch out!
Theme: Artifact/Enchantment Creatures
Artifact Creatures
Enchantment Creatures
Befriending the Moths // Imperial Moth
Flip Card
Eiganjo Exemplar
Era of Enlightenment // Hand of Enlightenment
Flip Card
The Fall of Lord Konda // Fragment of Konda
Flip Card
Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose
Golden-Tail Disciple
Michiko's Reign of Truth // Portrait of Michiko
Flip Card
The Restoration of Eiganjo // Architect of Restoration
Flip Card
Sky-Blessed Samurai
Spirited Companion
Sunblade Samurai
Behold the Unspeakable // Vision of the Unspeakable
Flip Card
Go-Shintai of Lost Wisdom
Inventive Iteration // Living Breakthrough
Flip Card
The Modern Age // Vector Glider
Flip Card
Moon-Circuit Hacker
Dockside Chef
Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty
Life of Toshiro Umezawa // Memory of Toshiro
Flip Card
The Long Reach of Night // Animus of Night's Reach
Flip Card
Okiba Reckoner Raid // Nezumi Road Captain
Flip Card
Tribute to Horobi // Echo of Death's Wail
Flip Card
Akki Ember-Keeper
Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki
Flip Card
Go-Shintai of Ancient Wars
Kumano Faces Kakkazan // Etching of Kumano
Flip Card
The Shattered States Era // Nameless Conqueror
Flip Card
Azusa's Many Journeys // Likeness of the Seeker
Flip Card
Bamboo Grove Archer
Bearer of Memory
Boseiju Reaches Skyward // Branch of Boseiju
Flip Card
The Dragon-Kami Reborn // Dragon-Kami's Egg
Flip Card
Fang of Shigeki
Go-Shintai of Boundless Vigor
Greater Tanuki
Jugan Defends the Temple // Remnant of the Rising Star
Flip Card
Jukai Preserver
Shigeki, Jukai Visionary
Tales of Master Seshiro // Seshiro's Living Legacy
Flip Card
Teachings of the Kirin // Kirin-Touched Orochi
Flip Card
Weaver of Harmony
Colossal Skyturtle
Hidetsugu Consumes All // Vessel of the All-Consuming
Flip Card
Jukai Naturalist
The Kami War // O-Kagachi Made Manifest
Flip Card
There are many Artifact and Enchantment creatures, which can help trigger payoffs listed below.