Illustrated by Mathias Kollros
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Board Wipes
Effects that can kill all creatures on the battlefield.
Effects that return cards to their owners hand.
Bounce is somewhat underrepresented, likely due to the large volume of creature tokens. However, Bury in Books gets even better due to permanently dealing with creature tokens!
Effects that can counter your spells.
No hard counter exists in regular STX, only situational counters! Although, the Mystical Archives add a couple strong counterspells - including just regular Counterspell!
Effects that can force you discard cards from your hand.
Effects that destroy artifacts or enchantments.
Effects that make it so multiple creatures temporarily cannot block.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Effects that prevent combat damage for multiple or all creatures.

No cards in this format have this effect!

Mana Ramp
Effects that ramp mana.
A fair number of ramp effects exist which can help with the expensive spells in Blue-Red and the 8-Land clause for Blue-Green.
Effects that can kill creatures with 1 toughness.
Only one true ping effect, making X/1s relatively safe from everything outside of Pest tokens.
Effects that can mill your opponent's deck.
Mind Control
Effects that steal your permanents, permanently.
One situational Mind Control effect - watch out for your tokens!
Effects that steal your creatures temporarily and grant them haste.
One Threaten with another situational in the Mystical Archive.

Strixhaven Mechanics/Themes

Mechanic: Ward
Ward is a mechanic which counters spells and abilities unless your opponent pays an additional cost.
Theme: Mascot Tokens/Tribal
Inkling Tokens/Payoffs
Spirit Tokens/Tribal/Payoffs
Elemental Tokens/Tribal/Payoffs
Fractal Tokens/Payoffs
Pest Tokens/Tribal/Payoffs
Each of the five colleges have a dedicated mascot, listed and grouped here with both tokens and payoffs!
Spirits are also a major tribal creature type theme, and are included here.
Theme: Lifegain Payoffs
Several payoffs for gaining life are particularly prevalent in Black-Green.
Lifegain cards can be found in the Lifegain section, and Pest cards can be found in the Mechanic: Mascot Tokens section.